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Pulp Fiction


Retro Ray gun design. A fun design concept inspired by 1950′s pulp sci-fi, Kids toys, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers etc. 3ds max, Photoshop.

Harry Oil Portrait

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Harry Oil Portrait


Portrait in Oils of my dear friend and talented fellow artist Harry.



Mr Darcy Colin Firth portrait in oils

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Mr Darcy Colin Firth portrait in oils


Portrait painting in oils of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy based on the 1995 T.V drama production of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice..

For this painting I used acrylic yellow ochre and Burnt umber for the first 3 drawing-in stages shown as they dry very quickly, then I worked in oils.

Oil Palette:

Ivory black= W+N Alkyd, Yellow Ochre= Michael Harding, Burnt Sienna =Michael Harding, Mixing white= W+N Alkyd, Cadmium Red W+N artists (small amounts).

Ivory black is a very slow dryer so I used Alkyd based Oil colour for this to speed up the process.



Ron. Portrait. Acrylic on canvas 17″ x 22″

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Ron. Portrait. Acrylic on canvas 17″ x 22″


I originally took 18 photos of the painting progression but whittled it down to the 8 shown here.

Painted using a limited palette of 3 colours: Ivory Black, Yellow Ochre, and Burnt Sienna. (+white.)

For a ‘life size’ portrait I’ve discovered the corner of the eye to corner of the mouth is a critical measurement and should be fixed early on in the painting. This in most cases is a maximum measurement of 2 3/4 ” (7 cm). I prefer to paint the head slightly smaller than life size plus there’s nothing worse than a portrait where the head is just slightly too big and so I reduce this measurement to 2 1/2 ” (6.5 cm) for male adults to be on the safe side, this measurement will often be slightly smaller on a female portrait and a lot smaller for a child, also if the model/subject is smiling this will also reduce this measurement.



Above: Portrait of Ronald Chappell. Painted in oils.



Nik. Acrylic Portrait 42cm x 50cm

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Nik. Acrylic Portrait 42cm x 50cm


Acrylic on board. Detail and painting process/ progression. Click on images to view.

For all my acrylic paintings I use Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics, I like to use a very limited palette of Colours= Ivory black PBk9, Yellow oxide PY42, Burnt Sienna PBr7 +Titanium White PW6. I like to use the paint neat and undiluted as it come out of the tubes. I sometimes use Daler Rowney System 3 ‘Titanium white’ when I need large amounts of white as it is student quality and a lot cheaper but essentially the same pigment; PW6, just not as thick as Heavy body.



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This Pin-up was painted in Photoshop and loosely based on the black and white reference photograph shown which mainly served as a starting point.

Gothic Romance

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Gothic Romance

In this imaginary painting I’ve tried to capture a romanticised brooding Edward Rochester (Jane Eyre) type character portrait.

All totally from imagination, all painted in Photoshop.