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Nik. Acrylic Portrait 42cm x 50cm

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 in Latest Work, Paintings, Portfolio, Work in Progress



Acrylic on board. Detail and painting process/ progression. Click on images to view.

For all my acrylic paintings I use Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylics, I like to use a very limited palette of Colours= Ivory black PBk9, Yellow oxide PY42, Burnt Sienna PBr7 +Titanium White PW6. I like to use the paint neat and undiluted as it come out of the tubes. I sometimes use Daler Rowney System 3 ‘Titanium white’ when I need large amounts of white as it is student quality and a lot cheaper but essentially the same pigment; PW6, just not as thick as Heavy body.